Recipes: Fun for Kids

Traditional Christmas Pudding

1 large pudding – 8 people (1.2 litre bowl)

To be done 8 weeks prior to Christmas day – put in your diary to remember and make it a special day.

It’s so important if you have children to instill a sense of tradition. Christmas is just that time when you all come together as a family and hopefully pass on your traditions to your children. This is my favourite thing…. even though they don’t eat it, it gives them a sense of being a part of something special.

Mix all the ingredients together – use a very large bowl for mixing and get the entire family to help out each making a special Christmas wish as they mix.

Mix together and then add to the dry mixture.
Stir well.
Once done, cover the bowl with cling film and leave overnight to stand.

Next day – bright and early.
I like to use a pasta pot or steamer.
Pour your mixture into the bowl and cover with two layers of greese proof paper.
Tie with some string.
Place in steamer and steam (watching and checking the water levels every 30 minutes) for 8 hours at a medium temperature.
Once done.
Take out, wipe down and replace the grease proof paper with clean grease proof paper.
Ties with a string and cover with a cloth.
Leave in a cool, dry place until ready to serve on Christmas day.
It will need to be steamed for a further 2 ½ hours on the day.
Empty onto a beautiful plate to serve.

Place some brandy in a pan and once it is hot and flaming pour it gentle over the Christmas pudding and take to the table flaming…
Served with Custard, Brandy Butter or Fresh cream.