Healthy Lunch Box Challenge

Packing a healthy lunchbox, day in day out, can be a real challenge. It doesn’t take long before parents run out of healthy and delicious lunch box ideas. When children become bored of their school lunch favourites, often most of their lunch ends up in the bin instead of their tummies. It’s a frustrating, daily exercise for many parents, including myself.

Our “Challenge” is to get children eating healthy food at school during school times (08h00 – 13h00). We are only concentrating on during school, not after school. If all children are getting good, healthy food, they will all be forced to eat healthy food with their peers. Personally, I find that I will make a healthy lunch box and then my child will go and eat everyone else’s food… Drives me insane.

Healthy Lunch Box Challenge

Why eat healthy food during school?

  • There is an alarming rate of obesity in young children. This will affect them emotionally and physically as they get older. Children will be teased and singled out whether you like it or not.
  • Children can’t concentrate properly at school without good food in their tummies, a lack of which leads to learning issues.
  • Bad food causes behavioural problems, which effects the class as well as the teachers (who already have very large classes of children). Is your child not getting the attention he or she needs because others are high on sugar?

Schedules, Suggestions and Recipes

We are no longer producing our monthly schedule, suggestions and recipes. However, you can still make use of what we put together in 2012 and 2013.

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