Stella Sweby’s Party

How amazing are your Little Cooks Club parties?

Hosted at Little Cooks Club Durban North

Review by Deborah Sweby (Stella’s Mom)

My daughter, Stella, recently celebrated her 11th birthday party at Little Cooks Club, Durban North. What a fantastic memorable afternoon we had! Stella is a real ‘foodie’ so when I saw an advert for LCC Cooking parties I knew it was the perfect choice. Being a big fan of the TV programme “Chopped” the Liquorice and Lime theme appealed to her immediately. Several emails later to the very dynamic Katie Kasambala and the scene was set…

Enter 11 VERY excited 10 and 11 year old girls. Give them each a personalised chef’s hat, apron, mixing bowl and they’re ready for action! Katie divides them into two groups according to the colour of their whisks and explains the ‘rules’. Each team is provided with the same basket of mystery ingredients. These will have to be used together with any pantry item to create a dish. Revealing the surprise mystery basket of kidney beans, tinned tomatoes, sweetcorn and an onion got those young minds buzzing.

Complemented by Katie’s extensive pantry supplies the girls designed their menu plan. A 30-minute timer was set and it was action stations! The energy levels were frenetic as the girls chopped, mixed, mashed and sprinkled.

Along with cries of ‘Katie, please cook this pasta! Katie, please grill these wraps!’, the kitchen was a hive of activity.

When the time was up the two teams proudly displayed their creations. The ‘Green’ team had made a tomato, bean and sweetcorn soup garnished with a tortilla wafer. This was accompanied by grilled tortilla wraps topped with olive paste and spiced smoked chicken with caramelized onions.

The ‘Blue’ team presented smoked chicken and cheese stuffed tortilla wraps topped with cheese and salsa. They also made a cheese and sweetcorn pasta topped with a spicy tomato and kidney bean sauce. Yes – all by themselves! I was appointed official taster and judge and I can tell you that everything tasted fantastic!

As the energy levels were still very high Katie got them stuck into making an apple and strawberry crumble. The apple peeling provided a few challenges for some of the girls but this didn’t dissuade them or curb their enthusiasm (even those who required the odd plaster!). There was no time left to cook them so they all took them home to cook. I have it on good authority that they were all cooked and thoroughly enjoyed by their families.

The presentation of official certificates of attendance was accompanied by yet more squeals of delight as 11 very happy and inspired Junior chefs proudly took their creations home.

A huge thank you to the wonderful Katie K and her very capable daughter Cameron for making my daughter’s birthday party such a memorable occasion.