Megan Jagga’s Party

How amazing are your Little Cooks Club parties?

Hosted at Little Cooks Club Pretoria North East

Review by Riana Jagga (Megan’s Mom)

Megan turned 4 in April and we were brainstorming some ideas on what we could do for her birthday party. The big question was “How do you entertain a bunch of 4 year olds”.

The answer was easy: “Host a Little Cooks Club Party”.

The party was a huge success with Megan ecstatic about her party filled with fun and laughter. Monica (the host) was the reason it was such a big hit with the kids and mothers, she assisted in every possible way to make Megan’s birthday memorable. From decorations, fun and games and of course the cooking part was the best for young and old.

The kids had a blast in baking their own cupcakes, decorating it and making their own yummy pizzas.

I would recommend Little Cooks Club Pretoria North East to every mom in search of fantastic birthday party, that will keep the kids entertained for hours and give the mothers a well-deserved breather.

Thank you Monica for making Megan’s birthday a dream come true.