Aiden Kapp’s Party

How amazing are your Little Cooks Club parties?

Hosted at Little Cooks Club Vaal Triangle

Review by Sharni Kapp (Chef Aiden’s Mom)

My name is Sharni Kapp, my son turned 5 on the 25th of March 2014, and we hosted his party on the 22nd of March 2014. How we found out about Little Cooks Club is, Lina from the Little Cooks Club does extra school classes at Blomland, where a friend of mine has her two children, she told me how wonderful the idea was and I was so intrigued that I had a look at the website. I was thrilled when I saw the party facility as Aiden’s birthday was just around the corner.

To give you some background on Aiden, he turned 5, his favourite kiddies programme is Big Cook Little Cook and believe it or not, he loves MasterChef, he chooses a contestant each week and pretends that he is that person (elimination round obviously he chops and changes his contestant to suit himself) and weekend, we BAKE.

We bake all sorts of things, I have a monthly subscription of baking magazines delivered monthly to my house, and he cant wait to see what free utensil we got and what items he likes most in the magazines and we try them. We pull over his chair to the kitchen counter and he helps with everything, he cracks his own eggs, mixes, beats, decorates and of course we fight over who gets to lick the bowl.

“So as you can imagine, when I visited the website I just knew that this idea would be perfect for Aiden, and honestly I wish I had never told him about it until a week before, because he drove everyone crazy, he just could not wait.

I contacted Lina to enquire about available dates and prices and she responded immediately, she was so friendly and helpful with all my questions. She suggested that we have a look at the venue and we did so that Sunday, I feel in love with it, the venue is on the most gorgeous piece of land, so well looked after and just a good solid vibe to it. I mostly liked the look of the chef stations and at how colourful and welcoming the kitchen was. The venue is on the one hand so cute for the kids and on the other hand so elegant and relaxing for the parents. My husband and I both agreed that this would be the party that ALL the mom’s would be talking about.

Lina sent regular emails to me with ideas, thoughts and questions. The planning process was for me the best I have ever experienced from all the parties I have arranged for my two children. She thought of absolutely everything. After consulting with Lina we decided that the best option would be Spades to Spatula. We sent out the franchise invitations with custom made tiny wooden spoons attached to them with the children’s names on it, it was really special.

Instead of bringing in an additional theme such as Spiderman (which caused many tears in the beginning) we decided to keep to just one theme, that being Little Cooks. The cake was a little Chef Aiden with all his tools and kitchen gadgets, I made cupcake shaped cookies, we decorated the tables with cookie cutters, wooden spoons, rolling pins and spatulas. We even spent 5 hours, my husband and I designing and building tiny little ovens to use as cupcake boxes. I was rather impressed with it all.

The overall experience was amazing; there was not one person who did not absolutely love it. The party itself was so well catered for, detail was given to everything and Chef Aiden was made feel very special. The venue itself is spotless, it is the cutest thing I have ever seen, and I am still in love with it. All aspects cater for the children, even down to stepping stools at the wash basin and a miniature toilet. The outside surroundings are magnificent, it is so calm and peaceful with a huge play area and lots of animals which kept the children occupied.

Lina’s timing on each activity was spot on; she interacted with both parents and children and made our day very special. She is very good with children and I can see she has an incredible passion for what she does. The learning processes that she incorporated while the children were busy with each item was fabulous.

The kids were fascinated by the multi-coloured macaroni and each mom went home with ideas of how to make meal times at home more interested.

For myself, the fact that I got to actually have some one-on-one time with Aiden was what made the entire day special, in our busy lives we tend to get things to keep our children busy and helping Aiden chop his ingredients and paint his flower pot made my day. There wasn’t a mom who never got involved and that was the hi-light of the entire party.

“Receiving a certificate at the end of the party was also a good idea; the children enjoyed that, made them feel they had accomplished something. And the mom’s liked the recipe the got to take home. It is the first children’s party I have ever been to where I have seen the children actually eat something besides sweet. And all mom’s tucked into the dish and were honestly quite amazed at how good it actually tasted.

I could go on and on at how much we enjoyed ourselves at the party but I think by now you would have seen for yourself, we are in love with Little Cooks Club, and I myself am seriously considering doing a course with you. I cannot thank Lina enough for her friendliness, helpfulness and the professional manner in which she conducted and arranged the entire day. She made our day so special. I not only experienced a hassle free, delightful party and got to show off to all the other mom’s at what a good mommy I am by out doing ALL the other kids parties over the last few years, but I must say I have made a new friend in Lina, one whom I will always keep contact with. I am jealous of her creativeness and intent to learn from her and take home what we saw at the party and make meal times more fun and a learning opportunity.

Your franchise is blessed to have such wonderful members and I am blessed to have made a friend during our experience with Little Cooks Club.

Thank you for you very clever idea for the programme, I hope that you expand throughout the entire country as each child would be at a great advantage to have this programme as an extra class activity. I am and still will continue to brag and boost your programme to everyone I meet.