Feedback from Parents

Little Cooks Programme

“Thank you for presenting such lovely classes. Ethan has learnt so much and has enjoyed every moment.”

“Little Cooks is one of the highlights of Chloe’s week. The idea of creating something (and then eating it afterwards) really has appeal and she also loves the play baking. She has gained in confidence and learnt new skills – spreading butter on bread is actually a skill and is great fun!! It offers us special, constructive time together with something to show at the end of the lesson. The whole family looks forward to what we bring home!”

“We wouldn’t miss our weekly session for the world! Luc (5) is very proud of his weekly culinary achievements!”

“A wonderful setting for a very entertaining and creative hour every week. Jacques (3) asks every morning if it’s a Little Cooks day!”

“Jethro (4 ½) and Rachel (2 ½) have been with Little Cooks Club for over a year now. And they look forward to their lessons each week. They have since become far more aware of what they eat and are also less reluctant to try new foods. Because it is such a comfortable and friendly environment, I have noticed they have become more confident and out-going. They are very proud of their accomplishments and always try to save some for dad!”

“Thank you for giving Aiden the experience of doing the one thing he dreamt of doing for some time. He can’t wait for the next class and he felt really proud seeing his family enjoy his creation. You are doing something amazing with the kids.”

Junior Chefs Programme

“Nkanyezi loves it and if it was her choice, she would come every day! She has also started cooking at home and looking forward to the next class!”

“Thank you for the lesson; Kelsey loved it, as usual. The food she brought home was nice and she even had a fish cake, which was amazing! Thanks, and she’s looking forward to her next lesson.”

“Braedan absolutely LOVED Saturday. We had to bake more scones on Saturday afternoon and his fishcakes were scrumptious!”

“Ali and Steph loved their cooking class, and are so looking forward to lesson 2 this week. We ate lasagne made by Ali for lunch yesterday – Christine your word is gospel in the kitchen!”

“Wow! I can’t get over how you have my 12 year old making such wonderful, tasty and healthy meals! And eating them too! I got in at 7.45 from fetching Laura from a carol service at school and waiting for us was dinner on the table, cooked and served up: delicious fish in tomato sauce with rice. I had joked with Kate this morning and said she should ensure she makes supper for us tonight but didn’t really expect to get what we got. You are not allowed to stop for the holidays – I shall have to go back to cooking! And it would be nowhere as good!”

“One of your Junior Chefs doing your At School Programme says she wants to be a chef just like you when she grows up so she can also teach people to cook yummy food.”


“Shela said, ‘Mom, that was the best party I’ve ever had.’ Everyone had a wonderful time and you really made Shela’s party memorable.”

“Thank you so much – the girls had such an awesome time. You have been superstars, right from the organising to the actual cooking. I definitely think this party will be one that they will be talking about for a long time to come. I really appreciate everything that you did to make this so memorable for Kristen.”

“Just to thank you for a great birthday party on Saturday. Amy and Jena and their friends had a lovely afternoon. Everyone commented on how great your catering was and the quantities were perfect.”

“Kim was an absolute professional from the word go. She helped to organise my daughter’s 10th birthday party which we held at home. Kim answered all of my questions from a very long list before the event with patience and enthusiasm. On the day, it was obvious that she and her assistant Lara were on the ball and more than capable of handling 20 very excited young girls. The preparation that had gone into it all did not go unnoticed. They worked tirelessly for 3 solid hours and produced some magnificent pieces for the girls to take pride in (and take home for lunch). Sadly for our waistlines, the goods were too tempting to resist! I have no doubt that we will be using the recipes again and again. What a special party. Many thanks to Kim for making it a day to treasure. If your child loves baking or cooking – look no further than Kim!”

Domestic At Home Cooking Course

“We derived exceptional value from the course. We loved all the meals. Regina now approaches her cooking with a lot of excitement and can’t stop singing your praises. We look forward to working with you again.”