Thank You from Witkoppen Pre-Primary School

Received a terrific letter of thanks from Brenda Gover at Witkoppen Pre-Primary School this week. Little Cooks Club has been collecting clothes, toys and stationery for the school over the past month.

Dear Christine,

I can’t thank you enough for your interest and encouragement in getting a little help for the Witkoppen Pre-primary school.

I have received so many kind donations from your friends and work collegues. I have been able to put more carpets in each of the three classrooms, and received enough blankets to use one each for the little ones in the creche section (there are 12 children under 18 months).

For the Grade 0 class, I was able to give each of 8 tables a container of coloured pencils and glue. I was also given paper printed on one side which is great for them to draw on, and some coloured paper which we have used for their activities. One very kind “Teacher” printed me 33 copies of Letterland so that we can try to get them a good grounding before they start school next year. I was also given a box of new scribbler books ( 60) for the children to practise their writing skills.

Someone kindly donated a bag of soft toys for the little creche. I had donations of about 40 books ranging in ages from a year to 6 years.

“A house without books is like a house with no windows”. Thank you so much to all of you who have made these things possible.

My aim for the next six months is of course to get the Grade 0’s as accomplished as possible to start Grade One.

I also will try to build a sandpit for them as they do not have a playground near by, just a bricked court yard. I am also going to try to raise funds to put together a full set of large Dupla for the children as they do not have construction toys of any description.

My heart has been so lifted by all your kind donations and your generosity. Thank you to every one who contributed no matter how small.

Brenda Gover

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