Thank You from Reach for a Dream

Reach for a Dream sent us a lovely thank you letter for our ongoing support of their organisation:

Dear Little Cooks Club,

We are exceptionally grateful for your ongoing support of Reach for a Dream and for the kindness and generosity you continue to show our organisation.

At Reach for a Dream, every day is spent working with children who so courageously deal with the challenges of a life-threatening illness. Our Foundation exists to restore the joy and hope to these children’s lives, and provide them with a much needed distraction from their painful treatments and hospital visits. During time spent with these children prior to their dream, we try and gauge through a specialised interview process, what would constitute the “best day ever” for each child respectively. Their answers differ vastly each time. We’ve had requests to fly to the moon, we’ve been asked to schedule a meeting with a whale. Some children want to go sky-diving, others want to become a chef for the day.

We’ve arranged meetings with celebrities and politicians, chefs and pilots. We’ve bought Barbies and bicycles and ballet shoes. Whatever the request, Reach For A Dream and our volunteers make sure that these children have the best day of their lives, a day where they forget about their illness, forget about their hair loss and loneliness and fear and just experience the magic and wonder of childhood again.

On behalf of the Western Cape Reach for a Dream office, it is with heartfelt gratitude that we thank you for the role you have played in inspiring hope and engendering happiness in the lives of these special dreamers. Thank you for the gifts — gifts of hope and joy — that this contribution has made possible.

Reach for a Dream With sincere appreciation,

Heidi Rowley
Branch Manager – Western Cape
Reach For A Dream Foundation
Tel: 021 555 3013
Fax: 021 555 3073

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