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Nutritional information, all Little Cooks Club events, healthy lunch box ideas, recipes and so much more are available on our Little Cooks Club website www.littlecooksclub.co.za We add information on a regular basis so be sure to take a look and let us know what you think.

Family Health Coaching with Christine Phillips

Christine Phillips the founder of Little Cooks Club and Health Yourself is a certified Health Coach and Wellness Chef. Christine offers Health Coaching to both families and individuals to help you get on the right track and reach for health and wellness goals. With vast experience in the industry Christine will give you practical and easy to implement advice, recipes, training and guidance to work with your families lifestyle. Christine also has a fabulous corporate Spring Special available. For more details click here

Email to book a consultation & for more information: headoffice@littlecooksclub.co.za

Top tips for reading labels

Are you unsure about what foods are really healthy and what foods are not? You are not alone. Grocers line the shelves with natural, organic, low carb, low fat, gluten free, and many other types of foods – it’s all so confusing. Much of what is on the front of a food package is marketing. The words natural, heart healthy, and low fat are advertising buzz words based on the latest fads. The best way to decide if a food is healthy is to practice ingredient reading.

Read more on our blog.

Holiday Programmes for September

Please contact the franchise in your area directly for their holiday programmes or view on the website. Book now for September.

At School Programme

Our At School Programme has become very popular. We are running our Spade to Spatula programme in the schools and children are learning so many beneficial things from growing food to preparing and eating it. If you feel that Little Cooks Club should be in your school, speak to your head mistress and contact your nearest Little Cooks Club representative and see if we can do a demo in your school.

Parties at Little Cooks Club

Due to the huge demand for our awesome parties, please plan your children’s parties in advance – about 3 months in advance. They are so popular and we want your child to enjoy the experience and have the best day ever.

The party themes are:

  • Spade to Spatula – planting and cooking
  • Whisks and Wooden Spoons – preparing one healthy delight and one naughty
  • Kids vs Kitchen – team building challenges with prizes
  • Liquorice and Lime – mystery baskets and tastings with prizes
  • Frosting and Fondant – cake pops and cake decorating
  • Cooking Art Party – Delicious recipe and fantastic craft

Our parties are very personalized and special; we put so much emphasis on the children and what they are learning. Book in advance, as our parties are extremely popular.
Contact your closest franchise for more details.

Class Highlights

Little Cooks HIllcrest has some fabulous holiday classes coming up where your Little Cooks will be making 1 sweet and 1 savoury dish.

Ages: 7-15 years
Dates: 21, 23, 25, 27 & 30 September and 2, 3 & 7 October 2019
Times:10h30 – 12h30 or 15h00 – 17h00

Ages: 3 – 6 years
Dates: 21, 23, 25, 27 & 30 September; 2, 3 & 7 October 2019
Times: 08h30 – 10h00 or 13h00 – 14h30

Bookings essential. julius@littlecooksclub.co.za


Little Cooks Bloemfontein will be hosting a group Domestic Cooking class on Friday 20 September. Bookings essential.
For more details contact Marisna on marisna@littlecooksclub.co.za


Little Cooks Bedfordview will be hosting some fantastic Junior Chefs Classes from Hirsch’s Meadowdale. Contact Sanet for more details on sanet@littlecooksclub.co.za

  • 14th of September we have a Junior Chef class
  • 5th of October Junior Chefs Certificate Course

This wonderful group of Junior Chefs recently graduated from their
Junior Chef Certificate with Sanet. Well done to you all!

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Timeless Family Food Journal

Please order online (www.timelessfamilyfoodjournal.co.za). Only R300 for a book that will last a lifetime. The recipes are fantastic and the children are really enjoying making the book their own with illustrations, pasting in pictures, and moms adding notes and treasured memories. It’s perfect for ages 2 to 14 years and a must have in every home. It contains some great holiday ideas on what to make from soaps and body scrubs to paint and playdough.

Super Spring Lolli recipe

Strawberry Ice Lollies


  • 250g ripe strawberries
  • 100ml apple juice
  • 1 teaspoon honey


  • Whizz up the ingredients in a food processor
  • Divide the mixture between 4 ice lolly moulds, then pop a stick into each one.
  • Put the ice lollies in the freezer for at least 4 hours or until solid.
  • You can also make these in ice cube trays for smaller portions.
  • Moms you can use the fruity cubes to garnish your favourite summer cocktail too

Give the gift of an experience

I read an article by a mom who was asking people NOT to buy her kids TOYS for Christmas/Birthdays… she expressed the same sentiments I have for years now… Let’s see if anyone else has this happen…

  • Kid wants toy for Christmas/Birthday and talks about it all the time.
  • Kid opens toy for Christmas/Birthday and immediately rips it open and starts to put it together & play.
  • 2 days later kid is asking for new app on their iPad, and you suggest they go play with that awesome toy they wanted so bad… They say they don’t feel like it.
  • One week later, toy is shoved in the back of their cupboard, never to be seen again… UNTIL you do a pre-Christmas clean out the following year when said toy is then donated because the child expresses that she no longer likes it.

This year, why not make a Christmas/Birthday list filled with EXPERIENCES, not toys.
There are so many options of experiences you can use. Little Cooks Cooking Classes, a paint night, a pottery class, a date to the movies a trip to the zoo, Haarties Cable Way or a surf lesson.

How about a favourite book of yours with a personalized note of why you love it & her. THE EXPERIENCES and MEMORIES your children simply will NOT forget! This is also a great tradition to start with family members and a group of friends.

It’s simply about spending quality time making memories. I think that’s what kids really CRAVE anyway!!! TIME with the ones they love, experiences they can have with them, trying NEW and exciting things, and creating special memories that live on forever! Flip, I think that is what we ALL CRAVE!  Why not this year switch things UP!

Contact your nearest franchise to purchase your Little Cooks Club voucher and give the gift of an experience.

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