Side Effects of Soda

A study recently released shows that drinking soda has similar effects on aging as smoking does. If you consume too much soda it prematurely ages the immune cells making you age quicker and leaving you more vulnerable to sickness and disease. This is just the latest finding in the long list of adverse side effects of soda.

Your cells start to age more quickly due to high blood sugar. When too much sugar is consumed on a regular basis, which is the case for most Americans, the excess glucose that the body doesn’t need damages the cells. This process is known as oxidation, and it causes the cells to age faster affecting the entire body. Cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes are all linked to high blood sugar. The Standard American Diet (SAD) contains too much sugar along with an excess of bad carbohydrates that come from processed low nutrient foods. This combination of low nutrient foods are a major factor in the rapid rise of these diseases in the country.

No Such Thing as a Healthy Soda

The study revealed that one of the side effects of soda is that it deteriorates protective DNA in white blood cells called telomeres. Telomere deterioration is linked to tissue damage, inflammation, and insulin resistance; all symptoms leading to cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes. Consuming 20 oz of soda everyday is the equivalent to 4.6 years of additional aging. Similar telomere damage is a result of habitual smoking.

Many people try to reduce the side effects of soda by drinking diet soda thinking that this is a healthier alternative. The reality is that it can be just as harmful. Diet soda contains the artificial sweeteners saccharin, sucralose, and aspartame. All of these substances raise blood sugar, but the most immediate damage is done to the gut. These sweeteners change the makeup of gut microorganisms that absorb nutrients and help the immune system. The health of your gut affects the entire body and impacts your mood as well. Studies show that artificial sweeteners are actually more harmful than high glucose levels.

The Damage can be Reversed

The good news is that the damage done to the telomeres by soda is not hard to repair. If you are trying to cut soda out of your diet there are other healthy lifestyle practices that can help slow the aging process the side effects of soda have sped up. Eating real foods is a great start. Real wholesome foods full of good nutrients that your body needs are great for repairing cell damage. Omega-3 fats are a super-nutrient found most commonly in cold water fish that are great for healing the body. Practices such as learning how to deal with stress positively and exercising regularly are both great for slowing the aging process as well.

There is now another good reason to cut down on drinking soda or just eliminate it from your diet completely. The side effects of soda appear that they could be just as harmful as smoking. Next time you get a sugar craving reach for a glass of fresh fruit juice instead. Your body will thank you and you will notice the difference that keeping processed sugar and chemicals out of your body makes. Make an investment in your health and say no to soda.


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