Newsletter, May/June 2016


It is with great sadness that we will be saying farewell to Joanne (from Edenvale) and Megan (Rivonia) at the end of this term. These lovely ladies have been with Little Cooks Club for so many years and I just want to wish them all the best on their new journeys with their families. You will always be in our thoughts. Thank you for making such a difference in so many children’s lives and playing your part in changing how children view food.

These areas are now for SALE.

Warm Welcome

A warm welcome to Anna-Marie Going in Bethlehem. The kids are more than excited to have such a motivated lady to start lessons in the small town. We wish you all the best on this fabulous journey.

Immune Boosting

Winter is upon us and having a healthy and robust immune system is key during the winter for your family.

Foods at this time of the year are given to us to provide deep nutrients as we consume root vegetables to ground our energy and bring us back to our soul. At Little Cooks Club this Winter we will introduce the children to some wonderful healthy meals to provide grounding, balance & health. Food makes us all feel good; we want to teach you and your family about loving and respecting the food you eat.

Nutrient dense foods that are full of antioxidants are the following:

  • Kale & Spinach
  • Garlic & ginger
  • Cauliflower & Broccoli
  • Beetroots & Mushrooms
  • Onions & Cabbage
  • Lemons & Limes
  • Dates & figs
  • Bone broth & Miso Soups
  • Chai & Flaxseeds

Many of these foods are not expensive so add them to your meals and menu plans daily and keep your family healthy these colder months.

Tough Times Ahead

Food prices will be going up this year but don’t worry our price wont go up, Little Cooks Club will continue to provide you with quality classes and quality foods. We will try incorporate more economical classes into the schedule and will discuss recycling with the children and growing food at home. Together, we will make some wonderful, healthy and inspiring changes to your homes.

Please do continue to support us and we will do our best for your child.

Why Should Children Cook?

Teaching children to cook from a young age will help them develop a life-long love of the kitchen and food in a healthy way. Food is about family; it creates memories and a feeling of satisfaction. Teach them now, and teach them a healthy love for food. Cooking with your child is time spent with your child. We are very rushed as parents so it’s a great way to spend time with them, chat about the day and get something done at the same time. Come on, grab a little chair and let them come and help.

What they can cook at various ages:

Under 3 years

  • Washing vegetables
  • Stirring ingredients at room temperature
  • Mashing
  • Sprinkling
  • Spooning and decorating

Ages 3 – 5

  • Weighing, pouring and measuring
  • Washing fruit and vegetables
  • Cutting soft ingredients like butter, strawberries
  • Mixing, mashing, tearing
  • Sieving
  • Kneading and decorating
  • Spreading

Ages 5 – 7

  • Cutting
  • Cutting with scissors
  • Grating
  • Measuring
  • Rubbing in
  • Beating and folding
  • Greasing & peeling
  • Setting the table

Ages 8 – 11

  • Planning the family meal
  • Following a simple recipe
  • Finding the ingredients
  • Using a peeler
  • Whisking
  • Use the oven and microwave
  • Make a salad and eggs

Food Revolution Day

20th May – join any of the Little Cooks Club classes for this special day and become apart of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. We will all be making the same dish around the world and will post pics. Either cook at home or join a Little Cooks Club class. Contact your nearest LCC and ask what they have planned as we will run activities all week.

Term Classes & Holiday Programs

Go to our Events page or book directly with your nearest Franchisee for fun filled classes and programs. Book now to avoid disappointment as there is limited space for the classes.

New Classes for Adults & Domestics at Little Cooks Club for 2016

These classes will be held at selected branches.  Message your nearest branch for more details.  Most of them are healthy cooking classes with a fresh approach to cooking and preserving nutrients.  Why not start a new hobby in 2016 and start cooking more!  Give it a try, we will show you how & inspire you every step of the way.

Some classes will be:

  • Superfoods for dinner
  • Diabetic cooking
  • Banting & low carbs for families for domestics
  • Domestic nutrition & enrichment course begins for 3 or 6 weeks
  • Domestics: healthy family dinners – fresh ideas to your table
  • Winter cooking classes
  • Sporty kids & families– fuel their bodies with the correct healthy food, energy drinks & snack bars (homemade)
  • Moms & au pair family wellness class
  • Vegetarian cooking classes for domestics
  • Baby food making classes

Classes for School leaves and for Presidents Cup are available.  Teach your 17 – 19 year olds to cook at home.

Parties at Little Cooks Club

“Educational, creative, team building for kids, creating confidence in children & nurturing, great teachers, no fuss and all included, great value”

Our parties are very personalized and special. We put so much emphasis on the children and what they are learning. Book in advance (about 3 months), as our parties are extremely popular. We want your child to enjoy the experience and have the best day ever. Our ladies can customize your party. We are extremely professional and your children will benefit with knowledge, skills and personal attention.

The party themes are:

  • Spade to Spatula – planting and cooking (awesome for 2 – 6)
  • Whisks and Wooden Spoons – preparing one healthy delight and one naughty
  • Kids vs Kitchen – team building challenges with prizes great for tweens
  • Liquorice and Lime – mystery baskets and tastings with prizes
  • Frosting and Fondant – cake pops and cake decorating (fabulous for ages 9 – 15)

Some of the franchisees make the most beautiful cakes and cake pops if you would like to place your orders with them. They also make the most delicious fresh Healthy Party Packs, true to the Little Cooks Club Healthy Eating and Healthy Living mission.

See the reviews of our parties on the website – you wont be disappointed.

Timeless Family Food Journal

Please order online ( Only R300 for a book that will last a lifetime. Delivery R70 or you can collect.

The recipes are fantastic and the children are really enjoying making the book their own with illustrations, pasting in pictures, and moms adding notes and treasured memories. It’s perfect for ages 2 to 14 years and a must have in every home. It contains some great holiday ideas on what to make from soaps and body scrubs to paint and playdough. Make this your family’s own for generations.

Looking for Franchisees

There is a huge demand for franchises in the following areas:

Sandton / Morningside FOR SALE
Bedfordview FOR SALE
Pretoria East
Northcliff / Roodepoort


Western Cape
Cape Town
Table View/Melbosstrand

Eastern Cape
East London
Port Elizabeth

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