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Children’s Winter Wellness

As the temperatures begin to drop, sleeping under warm and cozy blankets and dressing in layers just won’t be enough for your little ones. Keeping your kids healthy through the winter is no easy task. From more time spent indoors at schools and playschool, to cold winter temperatures, there are simply more stresses placed on the body than there would be during warmer months. Here are a few important steps you can take to help keep little ones’ immune systems firing on all cylinders this winter.

1. Feed them immunity-boosting foods and nutrients

Pack their meals with nutrient-rich foods that help boost immunity and prevent sickness.

  • Use Vitamin C-rich fruits such as oranges, naartjies, paw-paw, strawberries, pineapple, kiwi fruit and mango and veggies such as red and green bell peppers, kale, broccoli, cauliflower and brussels sprouts.
  • Turmeric, garlic and ginger also boost your child’s immunity during the flu season.
  • Use foods rich in antioxidants, like dark berries, kidney beans, pecans, artichokes and coriander.
  • Vitamin D is also a key nutrient for immune health. Vitamin D is difficult to get from diet alone and most kids don’t get enough sunlight exposure to stimulate the body’s own production, so consider giving your child a daily Vitamin D supplement to ensure their needs are met.

2. Simmer bone broth ALL WINTER LONG

As soon as June rolls around stick a pot of bone broth stock on and let it run all winter.

  • Bone broth is full of gut healing gelatinwhich helps lower inflammation and increases immune function. It’s highly absorbable and nutritionally dense making it a perfect winter tonic.
  • Use bone broth instead of water to make rice, quinoa and cous cous.
  • Make weekly soups, soups are a great way of including nutrient rich foods into a meal without the little ones actually seeing all the veggies. Use the bone broth to enrich your soups.

3. Give them a daily probiotic

The tummy is full of 100 trillion bacteria, most of them are good guys, and friendly bacteria like probiotics offer important support to your child’s developing digestive and immune systems. Here’s the problem: the only food source of live probiotics most kids get in their diet is yoghurt, and most yoghurt made for kids is loaded with sugar. Plus, the strains of bacteria used to make yoghurt have not necessarily been proven to deliver health benefits. A probiotic supplement can easily be added to your child’s diet ensuring they get the necessary bacteria’s.

Read more steps on our website.

How Sugar Affects the Immune System

Sugar suppresses our immune system (fruit – whole and raw is an exception to this). Does it not then make sense that when there are colds and flus going around you should become extra cautious about giving your children any sort of sugar.

Try this experiment. When you feel a cold coming on – go on a binge and eat a tub of ice-cream or a slab of your favourite chocolate. Although you might get immediate satisfaction you will end up feeling worse the next day. Why is this? It’s because these items are packed with unhealthy sugars.

Read more on our website.


This soup is perfect for Winter and is packed with loads of “the good stuff” to keep you warm and healthy on those chilly winter days.

Read the recipe on our website.

Featured Franchises

Cape Town, Helderberg
Kim Meierhans | 082 811 4822

This year Little Cooks Club Helderberg has shaken things up with a new approach – Kim is now fully mobile, servicing the whole of Cape Town for Birthday Parties & Adult Training while focusing on Somerset West for weekly Little Cooks & Junior Chefs lessons each term. Regular as well as ad hoc lessons are held at schools & homes, and adult training is all done in homes. Parties are hosted either at home, at the Helderberg Nature Reserve, the Kelderhof Country Village Lifestyle Centre or any other venue in Cape Town of the clients’ choice. Contact Kim to book your cooking classes.

New Owner of Fourways/Dainfern

We are thrilled to announce the newest member of the Little Cooks Club team, Grant Waites. Grant is running Little Cooks Club Fourways/Dainfern. Welcome to the team Grant we are very excited to have you joining us! Grant will be open for classes from the end of June at his studio in Fourways. Contact him now to book your spot.

Read more about Grant on our website

What’s New

Exciting New Classes

Tamsyn from Little Cooks Club Kyalami/Sunninghill will be offering exciting classes from new exciting venues from the end of June. Space is limited so book your spot now. Tamsyn:

  • Little Cooks classes from the Bub Hub & Company Crowthorne on a Monday afternoon
  • Group Domestic classes from the Bub Hub & Company Crowthorne on a Wednesday morning
  • Group domestic classes from Kyalami Estates club house on a Thursday morning
  • Little Cooks classes from the Bub Hub & Company Bedfordview on a Tuesday

Junior Chefs Cooking School Programme

  • Little Cooks Club Fourways/Dainfern
  • 26 -29 June 2017
  • 14h00 to 16h30
  • 7-15 year olds
  • Certificate 1

Limited space is available so book your place today. For more information, contact Grant Waites on 061 191 9122 or

Franchise Closing Its Doors

After many successful years with Little Cooks Club Nicola owner of the Craighall/Blairgowrie branch is closing her franchise to focus on her family. This is a very well-established franchise and there is an opportunity to buy this area as Nicola closes. For more information contact Head Office: We wish Nicola all the best on her new adventure.

Join the Little Cooks Club Family

Little Cooks Club offers two franchise opportunities; the AT SCHOOL FRANCHISE or the Complete Little Cooks CLUB FRANCHISE. Contact Christine for more details:

There is a huge demand for franchisees in the following areas:

Craighall/Blairgowrie – FOR SALE
Bedfordview – HIGH DEMAND
Sandton / Morningside
Pretoria East
Northcliff / Roodepoort


Western Cape
Cape Town

Eastern Cape
East London
Port Elizabeth

Head Office Contact Details

Head Office (for franchise enquiries)
Christine Phillips, 083 556 3434

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