Newsletter, July 2016

Something New for July and You’re All Invited

This month, I thought, let’s try something fun and exciting for all the kids at Little Cooks Club to get involved in.

Best Part! Get your friends and mum and dad involved.

What could be something challenging, something awesome, something healthy! Yip, we are all doing a 7-day, kid-friendly smoothie challenge. Yes, all of us starting on the same day, all together as a group.

  • How to join?
    Go to the Little Cooks Club website and click the ICON 7 day smoothie challenge, sign up and all the materials will be sent to you for free.
  • Starting date
    We will all start together on Monday 1st August.
  • Then what?
    Join the closed Facebook page for the 7-day Smoothie Challenge and post pics of you and your family making your daily smoothies. I will share more healthy tips and tricks for you daily. Click here to join the group.


  • Model the behavior. If your child sees you drinking green smoothies, they will be more likely to follow suit. Drink up!
  • Have fun with the names. Let them pick out the smoothie they want based on its fun name. Let them name the smoothies themselves, too!
  • Use a fun straw. Colorful, designed paper straws are everywhere. Silly straws are a big hit, too. Be sure to use a fun glass (mason jars are very popular with smoothies!) – have fun with it.
  • Include them. Let them help in the preparation so they feel a part of it. Take pics and share them so they proud of what they making.
  • Healthy. We all want our kids to be healthy this is a fun way to encourage a healthy challenge and you can give them your own reward if they complete their 7 days. (not with something unhealthy).
  • Even better news: All the Little Cooks Club franchisees will do a demo in the class that week of the smoothie for you all to try. Awesome! Come on, you have nothing to lose and it will be good for mum and dad too.

Sign up on the website today and share this with all your friends.

Green cleaning at home!

How many of you are concerned about the toxins in your life and home?

Join me on the journey to detox your home with green cleaning products. If you’re interested, please send me a mail and download this PDF document on green cleaning. Keep your family safe and start making the change to protect their futures.

August Holiday Programs

Don’t forget to book now for the August holiday programs! View the Events section on our website to see who is running holiday classes.

Fresh Start & Positive Mind Challenge

If you are looking to make changes to your health but are constantly stumbling, this is perfect for you. I will be your health coach for one month and guide you on your way to a positive life.

Starts: Monday, 1st August. 1 month includes all sessions, support and class materials.

Special price: only R1200.

Contact me today:

Looking for Franchisees

There is a huge demand for franchises in the following areas:

Sandton / Morningside
Pretoria East
Northcliff / Roodepoort


Western Cape
Cape Town
Table View/Melbosstrand

Eastern Cape
East London
Port Elizabeth

Head Office Contact Details

Head Office (for franchise enquiries)
Christine Phillips, 083 556 3434

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