Newsletter, August 2015

The Hirsch’s Defy Junior Super Chef Competition

This was such a wonderful initiative and thank you to Hirsch for such a well-run event. Children from all over SA got to participate and we are proud that 3 children from Little Cooks Club got into the finals. The dishes were restaurant quality and well thought out. It’s so wonderful to see parents teaching and encouraging their children to cook.

We look forward to next year!


It is with great sadness that Little Cooks Club is saying goodbye to two of our most cherished and valued franchisees: Deborah Grey (Fourways) and Renate Lubbe (Durbanville).

These women have been with us for so long and have been an inspiration, a valued asset, and have driven their businesses with such passion, dedication and motivation. You will be truly missed and we wish you both all the future success in your new projects.

Renate’s area is still for sale in Cape Town; she has built up a wonderful little business if anyone is interested. There is a huge demand in that area. I’m not sure what those lovely children will do now.

New Franchisee

As Deborah Grey departs, she is handing her wonderful business over to Debbie Hishin. Debbie is so excited to take over this fabulous area and get to know all the Fourways/Dainfern families. Please send all your requests to her

Marisna, in Bloemfontein, started her classes last week and they are filling up fast. Don’t forget to book in advance for lessons and parties.

Health Yourself

Health Yourself

I am launching my new business called Health Yourself. It’s about family wellness & weight loss programmes, the natural way.  Read more about it here:

Get your free “Guide to Buying Organic,” and your free “5 Foods to Weight Loss,” when you sign up for the newsletter on the Health Yourself website.

  • Sign up for the 21-day Summer Cleansing Programme. Starts 14th September.
  • Early bird special for only R800: Get a friend to join and receive a further R100 off  (normal price is R900) before 28th August. Shed 2 to 5 kg naturally.
  • Well worth it and you will look and feel younger, more energized and healthier in 21 days.

For more information, please visit or email

About Me

I am a certified Health Coach and my main emphasis is on family health and keeping mums healthy and energized. Start feeling like your old self again.


Like the Health Yourself Facebook Page to receive all the latest, most beneficial health news.


Health coaching talks for schools & groups are available for parents and children.

Schools & Daycares

See the Health Yourself website for the Health Yourself School Programme, promoting healthy children and parents in your school.

Health News

What You Eat Affects Your Brain

There are certainly a lot more diagnoses of learning disabilities in children over the last couple decades. ADD, ADHD, and a host of other symptoms are often treated with psychotropic drugs, but is this really the solution? Much research is linked to how children’s diets affect their brain health. The solution to help combat these disorders very well could lie in dietary changes as opposed to medication.

The brain is composed primarily of fat and water and needs to be supplied with the right nutrients to function properly. Research shows that in order to correctly absorb new information and grow, the neurons must be broken down and rebuilt. This cannot happen if a child is not eating a proper diet.

Essential nutrients for brain health include good fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. One of the best sources of good fats are omega-3 oils found in fish, nuts, seeds, and dark leafy greens. The fats that should be avoided as much as possible are saturated and trans fats which “are like sludge in the circulation of the brain.” Great sources of healthy proteins are nuts and grains. Lean meats such as chicken and fish also contain good protein for brain health so long as they are not fried. Complex carbohydrates found in whole grains act as the energy source for the brain. Unfortunately, too many children are not supplying their brains with these kinds of nutrients

Watch What You Eat

Studies link impaired brain function to petroleum-based synthetic food dyes, the general lack of essential nutrients in children’s diets, and environmental toxins found in food. Research shows that food dyes adversely impact children’s behavior; the only debate is to what extent.

Events Page & Holiday Programmes

Contact your closest franchise for information about the various classes available, or go to the Events section on our website to see all the classes happening at Little Cooks Club, which can be downloaded onto your Google calendar with a map.

Bookings are essential, so please check this page regularly as it gets updated weekly with new classes on offer. We have everything from cake decorating, 3 course meals and crafts on offer.

New Classes for Adults at Little Cooks Club

These classes will be held in Bryanston & selected branches. Message your nearest branch for more details. Most of them are healthy cooking classes with a fresh approach to cooking and preserving nutrients. Why not start a new hobby this spring and start cooking more! Give it a try, we will show you how.

Some classes will be:

  • Domestic Nutrition & Enrichment Course Begins for 3 or 6 weeks
  • Family Health coaching online starts – 6 week course for families and Au Pairs
  • Domestics: Healthy family dinners – fresh ideas to your table
  • Blending, Shakes & Smoothies Class
  • Sporty Kids & Families– fuel their bodies with the correct healthy food, energy drinks & snack bars (homemade)
  • Banting for families for Domestics
  • Moms & Au Pair Family Wellness Class
  • Vegetarian cooking classes for domestics
  • Healthy Forward thinking & planning class for domestics
  • Summer salads
  • Low carbs for moms
  • School leavers cooking boot camp (17 – 19 year olds)
  • Baby food making classes
  • Pregnancy classes: Prepare Right Now, and Eat Right Now

Turn your domestic into a domestic goddess and send her to our classes. This summer get your family cooking as your new hobby.

Sign up for Spade to Spatula Classes this spring and learn about where your food comes from and how to cook it. Bring a friend to the class and you get a small gift.

Like our Facebook Page for updates and fresh ideas for kids cooking.

Parties at Little Cooks Club

Our parties are very personalized and special. We put so much emphasis on the children and what they are learning. Book in advance (about 3 months), as our parties are extremely popular. We want your child to enjoy the experience and have the best day ever. Our ladies can customize your party. We are extremely professional and your children will benefit with knowledge, skills and personal attention.

The party themes are:

  • Spade to Spatula – planting and cooking (awesome for 2 – 6)
  • Whisks and Wooden Spoons – preparing one healthy delight and one naughty
  • Kids vs Kitchen – team building challenges with prizes great for tweens
  • Liquorice and Lime – mystery baskets and tastings with prizes
  • Frosting and Fondant – cake pops and cake decorating (fabulous for ages 9 – 15)

Some of the franchisees make the most beautiful cakes and cake pops if you would like to place your orders with them. They also make the most delicious fresh Healthy Party Packs, true to the Little Cooks Club Healthy Eating and Healthy Living mission.

See the reviews of our parties on the website – you wont be disappointed.

Looking for Franchisees

There is a huge demand for franchises in the following areas:
Pretoria East
Northcliff / Roodepoort

KZN – all areas

Cape Town
Table View/Melbosstrand

East London

Timeless Family Food Journal

Please order online ( Only R300 for a book that will last a lifetime. Delivery R70 or you can collect.

The recipes are fantastic and the children are really enjoying making the book their own with illustrations, pasting in pictures, and moms adding notes and treasured memories. It’s perfect for ages 2 to 14 years and a must have in every home. It contains some great holiday ideas on what to make from soaps and body scrubs to paint and playdough.

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