“Me Time” – Moms Take a Break!

Think about the last 30 days… when did you take time just for yourself? It is during these stressful holidays times when we have so much to do, that “me” time gets put on the back burner. We are so busy making sure everyone else enjoys the holidays that we don’t take time to enjoy it ourselves.

If you have little ones, hire a Mommy’s Helper

This can let you get away and take a hot bath, go get a manicure or treat yourself to a massage.

If you have teenagers, take notes!

They are often so focused on themselves they tune out everyone else. Even when shopping, they often spend more time and money buying themselves things they forget they were actually shopping for their family or friends. Buy yourself a new outfit or a cute pair of pajamas, you’re worth it!

If you are hosting a holiday event, plan ahead

Make a list of all of the things you need to get done. Make sure they are specific and you can put a time frame on each one. Once you have your list put a date next to each item and spread out your “to do” list so when you actually get to your event, most of what needed to get done for a successful event is already done. This is especially true for a holiday meal; you can make many dishes ahead of time and freeze them, so all you need to do is heat them up. Dishes often marinade when they thaw so they actually have a better flavor than if you had eaten them right away.

Plan a game or fun family activity

Play a game of team Pictionary, Taboo, Apples to Apples or Guesstures. If you have young children who will be joining in the fun just adapt the game so they can be included, like read them the card or have them team up with an older child or an adult.

A White Elephant is a great way to make sure everyone is laughing!

Have each person bring a small inexpensive ($2 – $10) gift that is wrapped. Write number 1 – X (the number of people bringing a gift) on small pieces of paper, fold the papers and put them in a bowl. Have everyone pick a number from the bowl. The person who picked number 1 gets to select the first gift. They open the gift. The person with the second number either chooses the first person’s gift or a new unwrapped gift from the table. Make a rule that gifts can only exchange hands three times then it is frozen and can no longer be “stolen.” Continue on until all the gifts are unwrapped. For the finale, the person who had number 1 gets the option to steal one last time. Any gifts that have been stolen the maximum number of times are not in play. This will definitely be a holiday to remember!

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