How Sugar Affects the Immune System

Sugar suppresses our immune system (fruit – whole and raw is an exception to this). Does it not then make sense that when there are colds and flus going around you should become extra cautious about giving your children any sort of sugar. 

Try this experiment. When you feel a cold coming on – go on a binge and eat a tub of ice-cream or a slab of your favourite chocolate. Although you might get immediate satisfaction you will end up feeling worse the next day. Why is this? It’s because these items are packed with unhealthy sugars.

By decreasing your child’s sugar intake, their immune system has time and more get up and go to deal with the illness. This however will not guarantee that they will not get an illness altogether but it will shorten the illness time and often the severity of the illness.

Keep sugar to a minimum.  Sugar really isn’t a great treat for kids, especially during the winter. Consuming sugar has been shown to decrease immune response and increase systemic inflammation. Chronic inflammation is the root of all disease.

Healthy Nutrition is not about ‘being good’ and doing what experts believe is the correct thing to do. Healthy Nutrition is not about do as you are told by professionals but rather about timing of foods. Teach your kids about this. Tell them why you don’t want to give them ice-cream today – give them reasoning. That way you are empowering them to make wise decisions about what they eat and when they eat it.

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