A Few Important Steps to Keep Kids Healthy Through the Winter

As the temperatures begin to drop, sleeping under warm and cozy blankets and dressing in layers just won’t be enough for your little ones. Keeping your kids healthy through the winter is no easy task. From more time spent indoors at schools and playschool, to cold winter temperatures, there are simply more stresses placed on the body than there would be during warmer months. Here are a few important steps you can take to help keep little ones’ immune systems firing on all cylinders this winter.

1. Feed them immunity-boosting foods and nutrients

Pack their meals with nutrient-rich foods that help boost immunity and prevent sickness.

2. Simmer bone broth ALL WINTER LONG

As soon as June rolls around stick a pot of bone broth stock on and let it run all winter.

3. Give them a daily probiotic

The tummy is full of 100 trillion bacteria, most of them are good guys, and friendly bacteria like probiotics offer important support to your child’s developing digestive and immune systems. Here’s the problem: the only food source of live probiotics most kids get in their diet is yoghurt, and most yoghurt made for kids is loaded with sugar. Plus, the strains of bacteria used to make yoghurt have not necessarily been proven to deliver health benefits. A probiotic supplement can easily be added to your child’s diet ensuring they get the necessary bacteria’s.

4. Teach them how to wash their hands

Children are told repeatedly to wash their hands, but a lot of them don’t know the proper way to do it. The general rule is to rub hands with soap under warm or cold water for at least 20 seconds, rinse well with water, shake and dry. Hand sanitisers are a great way to ensure clean hands when water and soap is not on hand.

5. Show them how to cover a cough

Make sure your child knows to cough or sneeze into their elbow, sleeves or a tissue instead of their hands.

6. Get enough sleep

Make sleep a priority.  Sleep is the way our bodies repair and heal during the night so make sure your children get enough sleep. Younger children should be getting between 10 and 13 hours of sleep a night, while other family members should get at least seven.

7. Protect your child’s schedule

Stress is one of the biggest immune system busters around.  When the body is in a stress response the immune function declines. Keep a healthy stable schedule for your child.

8. Practice gratitude

Over and over again research is finding that gratitude practices actually increase immune function!  Help children to give thanks to their bodies on a daily basis for being so strong and healthy.  Our bodies are always listening to our thoughts and appreciate our thanks and gratitude.

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