5 Tips to Keep Your School Morning Wakeup Routine Fun

1. Make Breakfast DIY

We like to encourage our children to take initiative and responsibility in the kitchen. As we know breakfast is an essential part of your day and should not be missed. Make your life easier by having the breakfast laid out the night before, this allows your children to help themselves in the morning. Why not make overnight oats or crustless quiche. These can simply be heated and eaten in the morning. Its all about simple, healthy and hassle free!

2. Play Upbeat, Fun Music

The right music can pep up any morning routine.  Try making a playlist of your favourite kid-friendly songs to make slow mornings more exciting.  You can even use the music to help track time and let it cue your kids where they should be in their routine by the next song (i.e. “Brush your teeth until this song goes off” or “By THIS song, you should be coming down for breakfast”) Way more fun than you chasing them!

3. Plan Out Clothes the night before

Get your children to take our their clothes the night before and also pack any extra mural outfits required.  This makes life so much easier because there is no arguing about what to wear or wasting time looking for socks.  The kids already know what to put on for the day.

4. Share Morning Affirmations

I’m a big believer in starting the day off with positive and motivating thinking.  I find that positive affirmations are a great way to build self-esteem and start the day on the right track. The drive on the way to drop off is a wonderful time to practise this.

Here are some ideas:

5. Leave a “Morning Madness” Emergency Kit in the Car

No matter how much we plan, there are always those mornings where you find yourself running late.  Or your kids “forgot” to do something no matter how many times you reminded them. Keep a quick stash of items in the car for just those occasions.  It has things in it such as a hairbrush, hair ties, body cream, mouthwash, cereal bar, baby wipes, toilet paper or tissues, safety pin ect.

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