About Little Cooks Club

Little Cooks Club was established as a proprietorship in April 2006 in Johannesburg, South Africa, by Christine Phillips, a qualified chef who studied at the Christina Martin School of Food and Wine. She has prepared food around the globe from London to Monte Carlo and all the way to Aspen Colorado, as well as owned a restaurant in Durban for two years before moving to Johannesburg.

Once Christine become a mother she realised the interest her own children had in cooking and decided to establish the concept of introducing children to cooking and getting back to basics.

Little Cooks Club started as a programme to introduce children between the ages of 2 and 15 years to the basic principles of cooking and nutrition. The main aim of this is to encourage an awareness of healthy eating by having fun while learning an important life skill.

Most parents, with busy schedules, don’t have the time to cook with their children at home and are even more discouraged when facing the mess that follows. Little Cooks Club allows parents the opportunity to get back-to-basics with their child, spending an hour a week having fun and being creative in the kitchen.

Christine Phillips

Many educational skills are covered in the programme:

  • Language skills: terminology, foods, equipment and following instructions
  • Tactile: the sense of touch is a very important sense to develop for little ones
  • Maths skills: measuring, weighing and counting
  • Colours, shapes, textures and art
  • Science: how the properties of food change
  • Social skills: teamwork which encourages self-esteem
  • Fine Motor Skills when cutting, mixing, mashing, separating, rolling and pouring.

All this happens under the guidance of the teacher and the parent/child minder.

Christine has started a series of cooking classes for parents and domestic workers focusing on healthy but simple recipes for the entire family. Her intention with these family recipes is to keep families connected through food.

Little Cooks Club

Read some of the feedback that we’ve received from parents:

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