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Health Yourself

I have launched a new business called Health Yourself. It’s about family wellness & weight loss programmes, the natural way.

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  • Sign up for the 21-day Summer Cleansing Programme. Starts 14th September.
  • Early bird special for only R800: Get a friend to join and receive a further R100 off  (normal price is R900) before 28th August. Shed 2 to 5 kg naturally.
  • Well worth it and you will look and feel younger, more energized and healthier in 21 days.

Health Yourself

Christine Phillips

Christine Phillips of Little Cooks Club has completed the Dr. Sears L.E.A.N. training programme for families & expecting moms. She is now a certified Health Coach.

This is a scientifically proven, clinically based program that offers a variety of fun, interactive and educational workshops for anyone who influences the lives of children.

Christine will come and do talks for business and schools, as well as private sessions for you and your family, to get you on the right road to feeling great.

E-mail her to book dates or to chat:

Christine Phillips, Health Coach