Melany pic

Kyalami / Midrand / Midstream

Gauteng, South Africa

I’m Melany – Mom of 2 beautiful daughters and devoted wife. We share our home with our beloved pets and are blessed to be living on a property surrounded by nature but close enough to the heartbeat of the city.

I grew up on a farm in Northern Natal with a stay-at-home Mom who taught me how to cook wholesome food; ignited my love for baking and allowed me time to experiment with new recipes and work out what works and what doesn’t. It’s through experimenting as a young girl that I have now become obsessed with new recipes and the gobbling up of cooking channels on DSTV.

Motherhood has also thrust the challenge of fussy eaters on me. Both my daughters have ‘selective’ tastes in food and it has been incredibly challenging finding a happy balance between tasteful and healthy. Nothing makes you more creative than a child who doesn’t eat beans because they look gross!

I hope to provide Moms with simple, tasty and healthy meals that children can cook and enjoy eating. Food doesn’t have to taste horrible to be healthy. Let’s make it fun and tasty so your little ones are excited about food. Let’s create little MasterChef’s because food is glorious!

I look forward to cooking with you.